Becumming Bisexual 03 with Minxx Marley, Alpha Wolfe and Hatler Gurius

Minxx Marley and her boyfriend Alpha Wolfe are relaxing by the pool when Alpha's buddy Hatler Gurius arrives. Hatler and Alpha eagerly jump into the pool together, while Minxx watches their antics in amusement. Minxx then reminds them that she was promised a threesome for her birthday, so they all go inside to have some fun in the bedroom. This is Becumming Bisexual #03.

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The men strip off Minxx's bikini, and then she eagerly sucks on Hatler's cock. Alpha enjoys the sight, and then Minxx moves on to sucking on both men's cocks, enthusiastically going back and forth between them. As the sucking and fucking continues, Alpha realizes that he wishes he could suck on Hatler's cock too, and he's not sure what to do about this feeling. Is he becumming bisexual? Minxx tells him the idea is hot, so why not give it a try? Hatler is on board with the idea too, so it looks like things are about to get even MORE fun!

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